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Welcome to Cities2030 OBSERVATORY. Here you can gather insights on the food sector latest trends and researches.


Cities2030 OBSERVATORY content is grouped in four main categories that can be explored in matter of clicks.


A detailed overview of the food-related policies implemented at the Pan-European, European, and Country level.

Scientific Literature

A comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed academic papers from top journals and universities.

EU Projects Insights

A repository of food-related European Projects funded by the EU.

Official Statistics

A set of data visualizations displaying trends and quantitative indicators from Eurostat and FAO.

About Cities2030 Project

Urban food systems and ecosystems (CRFS) demand immediate action. CITIES2030 innovative approach has a great opportunity to attract the best researchers, entrepreneurs, civil society leaders, cities and all agents of the CRFS as well. We commit to working towards the transformation and restructuring of the way systems produce, transport and supply, recycle and reuse food in the 21st century.